New sign-on coming July 30, 2018 to KP Learn

Beginning July 30, 2018, signing on to KP Learn, My HR, and KP HealthStream will get a little easier. You'll use your computer network login instead. No longer will you have a separate password with security challenge questions for KP Learn. This may also be known as your Windows sign-on.

Save time with a safer sign-on

You'll have just one ID and password to manage, which saves you time and makes it easier to access the systems you use to do your job.

The new process also reduces the risk of unauthorized access of personal data. Remember, if you use a shared computer, you should always sign off to end your session to protect your data.

What to expect

When the change is implemented, you'll see a new sign-on screen when you access KP Learn. The screen will look familiar – it's the same one used by other systems already using the new sign-on.

Current sign-on

Uses your NUID and WSSO password

current sign-on

New sign-on

Uses your NUID and KP Windows computer password

new sign-on

If you ever forget your password, you'll still use Password Express while on the KP network to reset it.

New sign-on is …

light bulb icon Simple – one username and password.
key icon Safe – your personal data is protected.
thumb up icon Smart – recognized by most KP systems.